How We Soundproof


The reality is, is that soundproofing isn’t a simple topic, and there is a lot of misinformation about soundproofing principles and the effectiveness of the materials and techniques used.

The four basic principles, which are solidly based on the physics of sound transmission have been incorporated into the construction of every home at ParkPlace

  • MASS – As any solid object that is thick and heavy will block sound, therefore drywall is good sound proofing material. This approach is most effective against airborne sound such as voices, television and radio. The “common” wall between the homes will consist of one layer of drywall on the one side and a double layer of drywall on other side of the common wall. Thus, providing a soundproof barrier between the units.
  • DAMPING – for example: Tap a wine glass with a fork and it will ring. Now tap it with your finger and sound stops abruptly – that’s the effect of damping.
    In soundproofing the units, damping is accomplished using a damping compound called “Green Glue Noise Proofing Compound” a viscoelastic adhesive.  The damping compound is applied between two layers of drywall which are then screwed together forming a “constrained layer damping system” on all common adjoining walls.
  • DECOUPLING – With decoupling, gaps are introduced into parts of the structure, preventing the sound vibration from continuing along its path.
    Decoupling is accomplished by staggering two sets of insulated 2”x 4” walls with a 1” air space so that the two wall panels are supported by two different sets of studs rather than having both walls use the same studs and thus being connected by them. Decoupling is a key element in the in the construction of a “room within a room“ and advanced soundproofing technique that is highly effective.
  • ABSORPTION – Insulation between the walls and concrete between the floors are effective and good sound absorbers.
    Absorption plays a role in sound proofing, but it is the least effective of the four elements.     

For best results we have incorporated these four effective soundproofing elements into every home at Park Place.