turning GREEN



ParkPlace homes have been thoughtfully designed with a goal to minimize environmental impact by considering ways to improve – Energy consumption, Water reduction, Air quality, Recycling, Wetland conservation and healthy community living.

ParkPlace minimizes common area energy consumption by – installing 31 rooftop solar panels producing 325 watts of power each for a total of 10.08 KW, sufficient to operate the common area’s electrical lighting requirements. All common area lighting including parkade, hallways, and foyer are engineered to dim to a minimum watt usage if no motion detected and increase to full illumination upon sensing motion.

ParkPlace maximizes energy efficiency by – Providing each home with independently controlled operation of five high efficiency natural gas appliance connections including the furnace, hot water heater, kitchen stove, fireplace and BBQ. LED lighting is featured in every room as well as Low-E energy guide rated windows, and insulation R-values that exceed the BC building requirements.

ParkPlace is designed to reduced water consumption by – installing low-flow efficient plumbing fixtures, rooftop rainwater collection, and use of landscaping materials and plants that have been carefully chosen to minimize water consumption and that are site specific to enhance the surrounding environment.

ParkPlace provides improved air quality by – installing an Energy Recovery Ventilation system (ERV) that recirculates conditioned air throughout the home. With additional design consideration to further improve air quality ParkPlace only uses Low-VOC and or No-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products thus creating a healthier and cleaner living environment for every resident.

ParkPlace is dedicated to recycling by – Providing on site recycle bins for cardboard, glass and plastics as well as an organic compost to be used on-site for landscaping as a soil conditioner.

ParkPlace is committed to reducing carbon emissions by – encouraging active transportation, you can take a short walk to the various shops and services located downtown. Enjoy Armstrong’s park trail system, located at your doorstep or enjoy an easy transit ride to Vernon. Every home has secure parkade storage for bicycles or an electric scooter and features independent electric car charger capability for every resident.

ParkPlace is proud of their contribution to Habitat Preservation and Parkland dedication by – Donating to the city of Armstrong a distinct and unique ecosystem consisting of 42,086 sq. ft. of wetland habitat and a linear park connecting Huculak Park to Okanagan Street and Armstrong’s walking trails.